What is an All-Star team?
An All-Star team is a collection of talented and committed Little Leaguers who have been selected to represent their town in the Little League International All-Star Tournament.

How is the Little League All-Star tournament organized?
The tournament starts with District play against about other teams from our local area. The winner advances to Sectional Play against the best teams from south-central CT. Winners of the Sectional tournament compete for the state championship. Champions from CT, NY and NJ then compete for the Regional championship. At age 12, the winner advances to the Little League World Series against international competition in Williamsport, PA.

How are All-Stars in Waterford selected?
10-12 Baseball and Softball, 9-11 Baseball and Softball, and 8-10 Baseball and Softball All-Star teams are chosen by regular season manager votes and the All-Star team manager.

What is the play experience like?
All-stars face increasingly advanced competition as they progress through the tournament. In accordance with Little League International rules, all players will be placed in the batting order - but there is no minimum play requirement for defensive (fielding) positions.

What is the commitment?
Players who try out for all-stars are expected to commit to all practices and games (typically 5-6 days a week) during tournament play. Please note that failure to attend practices or games after accepting a spot on an all-star team could jeopardize a player's ability to be considered for future all-star teams. 

Practice begins immediately upon announcement of the teams and continues as long as a team is playing. Teams will practice anywhere from 5 to 7 days per week (days and times set by the manager) before game play starts, and on most off-days after games start. Practice duration is typically at least two hours. For the remainder of the regular spring 2024 season, players are to prioritize their regular season team commitments over All-Stars.

There is always a chance to advance beyond District tournament rounds, and parents should plan family vacations later in the summer, preferably in August, if at all possible. If you are planning family vacations, etc. during June and/or mid-July and do not have flexibility in your schedule, then you may choose to decline an invitation to participate in the All-Star process.

Both practices and games may be held in the late afternoon or evening of all weekdays and at any time on both weekend days. Games are played locally in the first round, but increasingly further away should the team advance to subsequent rounds.

When is the 2024 Tournament?
The following date ranges for the 2024 Tournament have been provided by Little League International. Teams that win the District move on to Sectionals, Sectional champions move on to States, and so on.

Please note final game and practice schedules will not be available until shortly before the tournament begins:

What will I need to do if my child makes an All-Star team?
If your child is selected, we will need to gather a birth certificate and proof of residence, plus some additional forms that our player agent will assist you with.

Each player’s family must sign up for 3 games of volunteer spots- 2 in the stand, and 1 other (press box, tournament director, etc.) Training will be provided for all volunteer roles. Waterford will be an All-Star host for multiple divisions this year and volunteers make that possible. If families do not complete this requirement for each all-star player in their family then your player will be not be considered for all stars next year. PLEASE NOTE: This requirement is per player. 

If your child is selected for tournament play, there is a fee of $150.00 to help offset a small portion of the expenses the league incurs.

WLL wants all parents to understand these points so that everyone (player, manager, and parent) has a fun and successful All-Star experience. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].


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